Meet the Team

Gladys GarroteArt Collective Coordinator(Havana, Cuba) is curator, art writer and Art Historian working within the metaverse NFTs. She is also a professor in Havana University. She has a master degree in Art History focused on Contemporary art market. Garrote has collaborated in the organization of exhibitions of Cuban and international artists, through curatorship, promotion and management. Topics such as feminism, cultural memory, the rewriting of history, collective identities and self-reflexivity have been reviewed by Garrote in some of her essays and critical texts. Garrote is the Co-Founder of ClitSplash, the first NFT collective of Cuba, focused on women, trans and minority artists. She has collaborated as a curator and writer of exhibitions and platforms of NFT art since May 2020.
Gianni D'AlertaArt Concept CoordinatorGianni has been working in technology, branding, and marketing for more than 20 years. Gianni's insatiable curiosity drew him to the blockchain industry in 2013 where he was a founding member Ethereum. In 2017, D'Alerta worked alongside Ethereum's founder Anthony Di Iorio at Decentral/Jaxx as the Director of Marketing, leading the organization's global branding initiatives. Earlier in his career, D'Alerta was an early employee of gaming hardware company Alienware - where he led design initiatives and created the iconic identity seen by millions today. Today you can find him helping businesses with their blockchain and marketing strategies at NAKA, tinkering with a number of NFT projects, including helping the City of Miami, Mayor Suarez and Venture Miami on blockchain initiatives.
Juan Manuel HaedoSolidity Development & Tech Coordinator(Buenos Aires, Argentina) From his first contact with a computer at 7 years old, drawing with code, Juanu is now a Senior Developer with more than 20 years of experience on multiple languages and technologies. With a hunger for cutting edge technologies, he's always been on the lookout for new opportunities to learn new things. He started building Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain as a means of learning in 2019, until his first deployment on mainnet of POSTA on june 2021, a microblogging protocol, that mints NFTs for each post. It relies on the Proof of Humanity's identity protocol created (among others) by Santi Siri, with whom he helped develop the version 2 of $UBI cryptocurrency, which adds a streaming feature to the token. He's currently working on an NFT collection for $UBI burners called Non-Fungible Totems.
Santiago SiriTechnical Coordinator & Smart ContractsSiri began his career as a game developer. At age 18 he started up Evoluxion in 2002, the first Argentine company to ever export a videogame to international markets (Football Deluxe). The game had a publishing contract with Strategy First and was sold in Russia, Poland and Argentina. Siri joined the founding team of game development startup Three Melons as the creative director but left one year later. In 2007 he founded Popego, a big data research lab specialized in social media that launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2008. In 2009, he also launched The Whuffie Bank, a non-profit effort focused on building a currency based on social reputation. In 2011 Popego was acquired by Brazilian ad-network boo-box. After participating at the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper in 2012, Siri decided to startup a new kind of political party: The Net Party where its candidates are committed to always voting in congress according to what citizens request online. To deliver a feasible technology for that effort, he founded the Democracy Earth Foundation that currently works on the largest open-source effort to deliver a solution to online voting. In January 2015 it received a grant from Y Combinator to open its global headquarters in San Francisco, California. As of today, he leads the efforts of the Kleros Foundation and the Universal Basic Income protocol.
Alejandro MirandaFounder and Movie Producer(Lisbon, Portugal) Executive MBA at IE Business School. Worked in the film industry for the last 25 years at major and leading companies such as CIC Video (Joint venture between Paramount, Dreamworks and Universal), Paramount Home Entertainment and Universal Studios Networks. Start up Versus Entertainment in 2005. Distributed more than 500 films and produced international films, among them Buried, with Ryan Reynolds was an international hit. Actually working with major international companies and VOD platforms on 3 different production projects.
Francisco GordilloFounder & Movie Executive Producer(Madrid, Spain) Rothschild Spain M&A, ECM origination ABN AMRO - Rothschild Joint Venture, Credit Suisse First Boston EMEA- FIG team. Left CSFB in 2000 to start his first tech venture, after which he has worked for, cooperated with, and advised numerous companies, including Telefonica Media or Dentsu. He is a crypto industry veteran, having been involved in numerous initiatives in the space full time since 2012. At present, he serves as Co-Founder, Co-CIO, and Head of Research at Avenue Investment crypto hedge fund.
Camila RussoFounder, Movie Executive Producer & Book AuthorCamila Russo (NY, USA) is one of the most prolific and dedicated cryptocurrency journalists, speaking frequently at industry events and appearing on major media outlets. She is the founder of crypto content platform The Defiant, and was a Bloomberg News reporter for eight years covering emerging markets, European stocks and digital assets from Buenos Aires, Madrid and New York City. She also worked at Chile's largest national newspaper, El Mercurio and was awarded first place for online journalism by Brazil's exchange operator BM&F Bovespa at the start of her career. She has a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and a bachelor's degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She lives in New York City.

Meet the Artists

Mulia Hamlatul ArsyArtistsA visual development artist and 2D animator. Born in UK to an Indonesian mom and Bruneian dad. Goes by the name The Curious Unicorn, her passion is to travel and from these travels create pieces from her adventures, experiences and interactions with people all over the world. She loves incorporating these cultures with fashion, storytelling, surrealism and the imaginary.
Federico WorcelArtistsBorn in Buenos Aires in 1979, I studied Graphic Design and Industrial Design. I've been connected to the Internet since 1995 and as a result of the interest I've always had in knowing how things work I taught myself how to make web pages. I spent many years designing web pages, interfaces for online magazines, home banking etc. I also became interested in pixelart and created a spanish forum and designed the whole interface in that style.
Brittany BurwickArtistsMy name is Brittany, aka Beebs. I am a 31-year-old artist/illustrator living in the USA. I've been a teacher my whole adult life, and have mostly just created art as a hobby, selling things here and there via commissions or etsy. I'm now focusing my art in the NFT community. Aside from teaching and creating art, I love collecting art, going for hikes, and spending time with my corgi, Peeta!
Lucas RibeiroArtistsDigital & Handmade Artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I Remodel photos from old books and magazines into a new piece and unique Art.
Marella GonzalezArtistsI'm a digital illustrator and artist from Mexico City. My work, inspired by glamour photography and portraiture, revolves around the feminine figure and the beauty of its curves, portrayed in bright color palettes and analog textures.
Eduardo CalegariArtistsI was born in a small town and moved to a state capital, where I dedicated myself to the study of art and information technology. For the last 20 years I have dedicated myself only to the arts and cinema. In cinema I work as a screenwriter, director and art director, having participated in several short and feature films. In the arts I use traditional techniques and I also like to experiment, having done my most recent work in papercut and concrete. Now, I've been dedicated to digital art and the creation and growth of my NFT collection, called carnival masks, in which I use images of faces created with concrete and manipulate the images with textures, layers and colorization.
Súa AgapéArtistsSúa Agape is an artist and illustrator based in Guatemala. The most recurrent themes in her work are nature, cosmos, the beauty of women and mischievous creatures. Her work has been exhibited in many countries. Some of her clients include Selina, PepsiCo, Claro, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Adidas, VisaNet, Lady Speed Stick and more.
Amritha MohanArtistsMy name is Amritha, I am an artist known by the name Tangled Diva, inspired from traditions and nature. I aim to popularize and educate society about the sacred side of mandalas helping individuals to heal and meditate. I have been drawing mandala art for over 1000 hours now and more to go on. I have shared my knowledge and trained over 200 people in mandalas.
Aldo ComasArtistsAldo Comas was born in Barcelona in 1985. He studied in different schools around Europe before joining university and completing his degree in communication sciences. His passion for painting started radically in 2019 just before the COVID 19 outbreak and since then, he decided to abandon his whole business life to dedicate his world to art and paint. Since that precise moment, he has spent 14 h a day painting and his works arouse x5 in the first 5 months.
RiogerzArtistsI am an emigrant Cuban artist, one of my first goals is to fight for freedom of expression in Cuba, I work painting and digital art, in my work I always try to connect my soul with the subconscious.
Pablo BalcellsArtistsPablo Balcells is an Argentine graphic designer and typographer. Design of font families used worldwide by thousands of clients including: Blind Squirrel Games, Disney, FC Locomotiv, FK Crvena Zvezda, Guter Punkt, Harper Collins, Hasbro, Insomniac Games, Macmillan, Memphis Grizzlies, Minecraft, NASA/SpaceX, Penguin Random House, Playmobil, Ravensburger and Whole Foods Market among others.
PAOLO DEArtistsAlejandro Pablo García Alarcón (aka PAOLO DE, 1987) is a self-educated Cuban multi-media artist based in Havana. His work has been associated specifically with trends such as Crypto-art, Game-art, Net. Art and Video Art to address issues concerned to the Internet as a public space, architecture of power and surveillance center; the influence of social networks in contemporary communication; the dynamics of dissemination and consumption of online information; digital identity; interaction in virtual communities; discursive narratives in contemporary video games, among others.
Chelsy EscalonaArtistsI'm Chelsy Escalona, a visual artist from Havana Cuba, I graduated from the ISDI Higher Design Institute in 2015 as a graphic designer, a couple of years later I co-founded with my husband Inverxus Design studio where we develop multiple projects in different spheres of design including illustration.
FreemindArtistsFreemind was born on January 3, 2000 in Caracas, Venezuela, where he lives. He is a self-taught artist who creates art for therapeutic purposes looking for a way to distract himself, clear his mind and unburden himself of all his problems through his works using new technologies such as digital painting software, Photoshop and AI with emphasis on vibrant and striking colors.
Fabián González EscobarArtistsFabián González Escobar (Havana, 1994), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts 'San Alejandro' (AÑO) and from the Superior Institute of Art (ISA)(AÑO) in Havana. His work is multidisciplinary and it develops in different media such as painting, photography, video, animation, and digital art. He received the second prize in the renowned Camagüey International Video Art Festival in its 7th edition in Cuba.
Aiira MéridaArtistsAiira Mérida has studied graphic design and also other alternative studies that professionally support him in cinematography, web development, 3D modeling, music production, illustration, and generative art. He has worked with institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy and the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico for the development of editorial projects and has also carried out graphic design work for companies such as Hasbro and Mars Wrigley.
Angel PerdomoArtistsAngel Perdomo was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1989 but later moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1996. He received his Bachelor of Arts in painting and print making from the University of New Orleans in May 2013. Angel has been in several juried exhibitions in New Orleans and shown nationally in Philadelphia, New York, and Atlanta. He is also a member of the Antenna Collective which is in the St. Claude Art District in New Orleans. Angel currently lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Manuel PiedraArtistsManuel Piedra has been involved in 2D and 3D design both with architecture and digital painting for over 10 years around Europe (UK, Germany or The Netherlands) and Dubai, where he worked with clients like Airbus and Mercedes. Most of his artistic work consists of digital hand-painted artwork where different styles convey different themes. With a background of working on games, book illustration and portraits, his strength is the versatility that he has learned through concept development and the translation of ideas into the visual realm. He loves bringing unreal things or situations to life by using strokes to enhance the feelings that arise from an idea.
Juan Carlo PoloArtistsJuan Carlo Polo lives and works in Havana and he graduated from the National School of design in 2010. He practices illustration as a design tool and as a means of expression, in various techniques: traditional (ink drawing, collage), digital (vectorial, photoshop, procreate) and a combination of both. Polo is interested in topics such as fantasy, pop culture, history and characters, the cult of details is recurrent in his work. He holds a national graphic design award and has been a finalist in two Ibero-American design biennials in Madrid.
Milton PortalesArtistsMilton Portales (Pinar del Río, Cuba, 1996) is an emerging Cuban artist graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts (2015). His work moves in different fields such as painting, drawing, engraving and film. He has also ventured into the realization of digital illustration and NFTs in the field of digital illustration. Portales uses diverse references from pop culture or art history in general to create scenes where graphic humor and attachment to the traditional are present. These scenes can be humorous, critical, melancholic or simply serve as a tribute to issues of the past or present. The artist was selected as one of the ten winners of the Open Call Prismas III. Cuban Art and Crypto Market, organized by the Swiss platform Artemorfosis.
Aissa María Santiso CamiadeArtistsAissa María Santiso Camiade, Cuban multimedia artist born in Havana 1992. She studied visual arts at the University of Arts ISA and the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro both in Havana, Cuba. Her profile includes several disciplines within the visual arts such as video art, video installation, new media art, painting, photograph, NFT and performance art.
Igor ŠćekićArtistsI am Igor, Visual Alchemist and Soul Explorer in the Multiverse of Love. I am living in material, spiritual and digital worlds and find inspiration in all of them at once. In terms of the material world, I live in Croatia, in a spiritual world mostly in my thoughts and feelings and in the digital world, I definitely live in the fast-growing NFT Metaverse.
Mirna TeránArtistsMy name is Mirna María, I am a 29 years old Bolivian artist dedicated to calligraphy, lettering, and illustration for over six years. Although I have a degree in marketing, I have dedicated myself to art from a very young age. I have always liked to experiment with shapes, colors, and textures; always developing myself in the artistic fields.
UnthinkableArtistsWe are Unthinkable, a team composed of Lemu, a musician, producer and programmer, and María Sol Figueroa, a professional dancer specialized in contemporary dance. We are both from Argentina, currently living in Buenos Aires in a community of interdisciplinary artists called Malabia Town. Our goal as NFT creators is to share our community's artworks with the world. To be an open gate into the crypto world.
Dennis MabukaArtistsDennis Mabuka is an artist from East Africa doing 3d digital art since 2014. He loves to explore the mysterious twilight between sci-fi and fantasy, in his dark and edgy style using open source and accessible tools. He also runs a Youtube channel where he shares his techniques on how he uses blender & inkscape in his work.
Ornellius SaldanhaArtistsOrnellius Saldanha, minimal artist from India. I look for inspiration in human lives, emotion, nature and space. Being not formally trained in any particular form of art has pushed me to experiment with different mediums through which I can create art.
José Angel NazabalArtistsJosé Angel Nazabal (1994). Architect, cartoonist and visual artist. He graduated from the San Alejandro National Academy of Plastic Arts in the specialty of Painting and Drawing (2013) and later he graduated as an Urban Architect from the Technological University of Havana ¨José Antonio Echeverría¨ (2019).
Lilian FigueroaArtistsLilian Figueroa, also known as Cuban Nerd, is a graphic artist from La Habana, Cuba and is currently based in Miami, Florida. Lilian is an Art Director with 7+ years of experience in branding, packaging, and publishing currently working in the tabletop industry. In her free time, she likes to draw Mr. Doll, a quirky and whimsical character she uses to explore different emotions and illustration techniques.
Marcos RamonesArtistsMarcos Ramones (1995, Cabimas - Venezuela) Self taught illustrator currently living in Buenos Aires - Argentina. Ramones studied Graphic design for 4 years in Venezuela while trying to learn new ways of improving his art skills. He really likes working with making his illustration using photo retouching techniques, always trying to make each art based on fantasy themes like space or ancient worlds.
Marlon PortalesArtistsThe emerging Cuban artist Marlon Portales (Pinar del Rio, 1991) graduated in 2018 from Havana's Higher Institute of Art (ISA) with honors. Portales' practice is multidisciplinary and includes media ranging from painting to installation, video art, photography, performance and NFTs.
Katiana Martínez VegaArtistsKatiana Martínez Vega (Havana, Cuba, 1996) Architect, illustrator. She graduated as an Architect and Urban Planner at the "Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría" 2014- 2019. She participated in group exhibitions at Fábrica de Arte Cubano, among them a two-person exhibition in 2019. She has been awarded the winner of the contest "Industrial Design for Urban Use" .
ARREGIUMArtistsARREGIUM is a Chilean emerging crypto artist and poet with studies in Art Theory and Art History. He has developed works in illustration, collage, visual poetry, video art, and digital art. His style varies between symbolic figurative and abstract expressionism and creates collections of works guided by curatorial concepts. He has participated in exhibitions in Chile, Spain, Portugal, and the United States.
Hernán Rodríguez MoralesArtistsHernán Rodríguez Morales (Matanzas, Cuba, 1991) is an designer, graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño of Cuba in 2015. He has carried out several interior design works with the renowned Cuban project group Espacios.
Angela MantillaArtistsAngela Mantilla is a Colombian architect, 3D artist and photographer. She started to explore 3D visuals while studying architecture and she was fascinated with the potential it had, so when she completed her degree Mantilla decided to focus on this area.
Simone GarcíaArtistsSimone García (cymoonv) is a multimedia artist from Havana based in Spain. Her work deals with the topics of self-perception, virtual identities, gender fluidity, and new imaginaries around nature and technology. Her interdisciplinary approach comes from her background as a musician.